Monday, May 18, 2009

"That," "What's That?" and "I want that!"

Daniel is becoming so communicative. In the car, he will sing and sigh and pat his hand in front of his mouth making a "Ah-wa-wa-wa-wa" sound. He is now signing: more, milk, please, and seems to know what they mean. We're working on Amen--this one is slow going because he doesn't want to stay still for prayers. (I'm open for suggestions on how you taught this to your kiddos.)
He also loves toothbrushes (and most things in the bathroom!) In the morning, he will sit on our bed and point through the bathroom door, saying "that, that, that" in successively higher-pitched tones until we manage to distract him (rare), or give him his toothbrush. We have now implemented a new rule in our house that you only play with your own toothbrush!
He shared his vocal talent yesterday at the Mount Bonnell (the Young Single Adult) ward--one not used to noises during the sacrament. We went to hear Aunt Candace speak about her mission, which she did quite successfully, and at several quiet times during the meeting, everybody heard "What's that?" in a very high-pitched voice. He walked the back row and distracted everybody from the High Council speaker--sorry Brother Simonsen!

Just now, he succeeded in opening the bathroom doors, looked at me while pointing his finger at the toothbrushes and said, "I want that!" I guess we now have three phrases to use!

Oh, and Daniel is figuring out doors and doorknobs! Watch out us!


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations on expecting baby #2--how exciting. Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I love catching up with what is happening in your world.

  2. I would just like to point out that his talking is early speaking stuff, so it takes some experience and creativity to make out. Essentially, his "I want that" sounds something like "Awuaaaauhh!" and his "What's that" is kind of "Wzzaaaauhh!" But there is actually a difference, and he uses them consistently for the appropriate situations. Plus, he has words for various other situations, such as when he hears or sees Pfluger outside, or when he's upset (it's really sad when he's upset, but his babbling is so cute then!)

  3. Thanks for sending your blog address to us!! I can't believe how BIG Daniel is now & how much hair he has now too. Wow, time is flying! It looks like a lot has changed for the Jones family! Wow, it's good to get caught up. Congrat on baby #2 on the way. You 2 are such great parents! I'll email you our blog site too. I know you are doing great as RS pres. Congrats! We miss you!!! Love you lots!

  4. He is so cute! Make sure you write down all of his funny baby talk! Every kid is different and you forget the cute things they say faster than you think. I love going back and remembering Bruce and Rachel's first attempts at talking.