Monday, November 30, 2009

Riley's First Bath

I was excited when Riley's umbilical cord fell off on it's own (a first for our family) because that meant we can begin bath time! I love playing in the water with my kids and seeing how they react to new stimuli. In Riley's case, she screamed almost the entire time (thanks Keryn for catching my typo). She seems to take her time getting used to this world.
Daniel decided to join in the fun as are some pics.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Needed: friut and vegetables for canning

Since coming to Austin, I've wanted to find a good place(s) to buy fruits and vegetables for canning and home storage. I've been disappointed in the Farmers' Markets in that they are filled with "organic" foods with hiked up prices. I'm looking for fine-quality foods that I can put in a bottle for eating during winter months or less prosperous times.
I've tried pick your own places, but the prices were more expensive than the grocery store. Doesn't anybody preserve food anymore?
Please help...any and all suggestions are welcome.
Where can I find this in the Central TX area?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Outings

Last week, Mom and I went on a walk with the kiddos to the neighborhood pond to feed the ducks--it was a great use for those leftover pancakes of which we needed to dispose. It was a simple outing, but so fulfilling. I really enjoy the fall air (even in the warmer TX weather), and the leaves were starting to turn and fall off the trees.
All the ducks gathered around Daniel and the food, and we finally got a picture with me and the kids (thanks Mom). Riley enjoyed her first stroller ride, at least when she was moving, and I had fun getting pictures of Grandma with Daniel and Riley (ok, I enjoyed taking pictures in general.)
On the way home from the pond, Daniel stopped to play at the playground. And then we all zonked when we got home. What a day!
Clint wanted to point out that those white (and black) ducks with the red faces are very ugly.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Move over Navels

Clinton and Daniel picked our crop of homegrown oranges yesterday evening. Two whole oranges survived hot drought, bugs, dogs, curious children, and careless Clints mowing the lawn. We were so excited that these grew in our back yard and had fun eating them right away. Daniel even bit into the peel--nothing like trying every aspect. This was the first yield from our tree, which was planted just after we were married. Even though they were a little dry, we are hopeful for future production!

And for the record, we have a bag of California Navel oranges in our refrigerator, so we're not quite self-sufficient.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been wanting to compare pictures of Daniel and Riley...let me know what you think of the family resemblance. The pictures aren't a perfect comparison, but hey, it's been 18 months and you forget what pictures you took :) Here's my best attempt at matching.

Baby Bassinet at the hospital (first two are Riley and last one is Daniel):

Sleeping (Riley then Daniel):

In the bouncy chair (Riley then Daniel):

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doing well

"Daniel, what do polar bears say?"
Daniel's response:

We're doing well as we all adjust to life with two kids! Of course we are amazingly blessed to have Grandma Wouden here--an extra set of hands really helps us out (especially me during the day :). Daniel is adapting well and takes time to give baby Riley attention. At Riley's doctor's appointment yesterday he kept rocking the car seat and taking her toys. He didn't realize until we walked back into the waiting room, where he had been playing with Grandma, with Riley in our arms that she wasn't in the seat (the car seat cover had been on).
This morning, I found him leaning over the swing smiling at Riley. The picture is grainy because I took it with my iPhone--I didn't want to miss the moment.
He helped me put her socks in the wash today after her projectile poo shot all across the room--that was a fun mess to clean up!!! Serves me right--that never happened to me with Daniel. I guess I can't get off that easy with two kids.
He is a loving boy and very sensitive to the needs of others.

After Riley's doctor's appointment, we took a trip to Terra Burger's outdoor playground (across the street from our pediatrician) and had lunch. Daniel enjoyed the slides and swings, and grandma's milkshake. We had a grand adventure with all of us outdoors. This is a great time to live in Austin, TX.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So many updates...

We're back at our house and having a great time with baby Riley. She brings a new energy to our home, and we are loving having Grandma and Grandpa Wouden here to enjoy this special time.
I'll let the pictures do most of the speaking right now because I'm going to go take a nap while Daniel and Riley are both sleeping (isn't that nice of them!) Of course the neighbor's dogs are barking up a storm; however, Pfluger, Zoe and their friend Tomo are all being quiet--we must be doing something right?!? :)

I'll try to post more later with Riley's birth story for those who are interested. Much love from the C&C family in Austin, TX.

Our welcome sign for Riley Erin Jones, handmade with love by Grandma Wouden and Daniel.

Riley loves the light. She's being held by Daddy and is just staring out of the window at the morning light.

Aunt Candace and swaddled Riley--notice how long Riley is!

"I like Halloween." Riley got a photo shoot while Daniel and the crew were out trick-or-treating. We were glad to capture this smile.

Riley being held by Grandpa Wouden--she sticks her tongue out just like Dad. Look how tiny she looks compared to Grandpa's hands.

I put Riley in the boppy, but she got comfortable and posed herself. We love that face.

Thanks to Grandma Cheryl for the pink Halloween onesie--the bones grow in the dark, and Grandma Dee for the perfectly-matching pink ballet slipper socks. They are an absolute perfect match. What a great way to start out--pretty in pink :)

And here's Riley sporting another darling Halloween onesie--we loved having them to wear, and having Riley out so she could wear them. Isn't it nice when everything works out. Riley is long and skinny. She doesn't and has never fit in any of the 8 newborn outfits I have for her. Larger clothes fit her length wise, but are wide on her. Tall and skinny just like her Dad!