Friday, January 29, 2010

Beans beans, the magical fruit

I never gave much credence to beans. I have them in my food storage, but only recently (when Mom came for Riley's birth) did I learn how to cook with them. Our preparedness coordinator at church said she saved $60 a month (I think that was the correct amount) by cooking her own beans from dried beans, not from a can. Wow! We could use that.
So, thanks to Mom, I learned to cook beans. I must say, they are not only for hard times. You can do a lot with beans, and then we also get to eat homemade cornbread and honey butter as well!

With Daniel's birth, I learned to grind wheat and make homemade bread.
With Riley's birth, I learned to cook beans.
What's next???
At this rate, by the time we have our kids, we'll be ready for any emergency. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Capturing the Moments

We're doing well as we prepare to close the first month of 2010! I've had fun adapting to two kids--it was a wild ride with tears (and not just the kids :) and moments of feeling overwhelmed for a few weeks, but we're doing well now. It helped to just jump in and even helped when Clinton was in CA and camping for a week. That forced me to adjust and also helped Daniel know the limits as well.
We have many moments I can't resist pulling out the camera. Not all are perfect shots, but they spark a memory. Enjoy our updates...

Daniel was in a giddy mood. He is so expressive and when he smiles his "happy face" smile, you can see all of his dimples. He is a great older brother and a joy to have in our family. We are blessed to have such a loving and sensitive spirit.

Riley discovered her hands! She holds them up over her head and stares at them (see other blog post), but this time got to look down at them--see next picture for her reaction...(by the way, she is a champ at holding up her head!)

Oh, and the drool begins! If she's like Daniel, it won't stop for another 18 months, at least.

I love this expression on Riley. So peaceful and calm, but clearly happy. She looks darling in one of my favorite outfits on her (see, I do put her in PINK!) and, her blanket coordinates. How spunky is that! Of course, she has now outgrown this and her other 3 months outfits even though she will be 3 months in a week. I have just pulled out the next set of clothes and she is sporting 6-9 months. What a gal!

You'll notice that these star-studded frames don't have side bars (thanks to Daniel); however, he learned to balance them on his nose. you can tell he is concentrating by his mouth expression. What a learner. He's talking a lot now and has even repeated all the words of a prayer and scriptures. Our little boy is growing up!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

C&C Jones Family Picture 2009

Additional pictures

Here are some other pictures from the extended family photo shoot this christmas (many thanks and photography credit to Robb Costello). We loved having family around in Austin, TX for the holidays. Much love to all...