Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Girl has a name...

I've not been very good at updating this blog, so I'll try to add more and help keep you all in touch with our J-family happenings. Recently, Daniel turned 3 and enjoyed his "race car birthday party." Riley is a go-getter, following after her brother, especially since she is now 18 months!
Both kids are enjoying nursery, which is great, and means that both C&C are enjoying their classes as well.

Our hands-free church time will not last long as we are expecting another baby girl in a few weeks, June 17th to be exact. When she will actually make her appearance is yet to be known; however, we're ready at any point. AND, I'm happy to announce, she has a name--Meijke Jones (this is the Dutch spelling and is pronounced Micah.)
It is a name from Friesland, which is where my Oma is from and is also a derivative of Myriam (and Mary), my cousin in the Netherlands. Plus, she carries on her mother's legacy to spell her name with an "e" and pronounce her name with an "a."
We're excited for her arrival.