Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Bliss

While finishing my lesson preparation early Sunday morning, Daniel was drinking his milk and snuggling with me! It was a wonderful way to start Mother's Day 2009! Clinton made us scrambled-egg bagel sandwiches for breakfast and then we rushed to get ready for 8:30 am church, but not before I got two cards. Daniel signed his (see attached picture) and Clinton's poem allowed me a day of rest and relaxation--and he held me to it!

Clinton's card poem:
"Honey, it's your SPECIAL DAY, so just ignore the phone. The chores can wait, so sleep in late or spend some time alone. Enjoy your favorite magazine. Veg out and watch TV. Sit back, relax and snarf some short, pretend you're ME."

After church, he brought me lunch, which even included chocolate milk! We all got to take a long afternoon nap, and then I got to read the Ensign and Life of Pi while he made a delicious pasta and chicken dinner with our fresh garden herbs! He, of course, did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen--another amazing treat! Talk about spoiled!
Needless to say, we slept well last night--Me, because I was relaxed, and Clinton, because he was exhausted.

Thank you, honey, for making it such a special day for me. Looks like I have a high bar to live up to for Father's Day!

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  1. sounds like a great day! isn't it great to be a mommy?