Thursday, May 28, 2009

Balloons & Grocery Stores

When we go to the grocery store, Daniel notices the balloons almost every time. Of course they are high enough to see from the whole front of the store. :) We were in Costco the other day and I stopped to wipe the cart clean. Daniel pointed and said, "That, that, I want that" in his loud and high-pitched voice. We moved closer to the wipes, thinking that is what he wanted, but as we did, he raised his hand up...and pointed to the balloons!
His insistence grew louder and his pointing more determined.
All the strings were tangled, and I had to donate a dollar, but he got his balloon. It ended up being the biggest one--yellow, and had two blow pops tied to the bottom to keep it weighted. Blow Pops anyone?!?
He played with it all over the store.
Now, he's playing with Daddy's opened deodorant, so got to go...

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