Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Father & Son Campout

Clinton and Daniel had their first Fathers & Sons Campout last night with the men from church. Daniel helped Daddy pack up the car by checking the tire pressure and working on the bumper, then they were off.
I learned I have a lot to learn about these events when packed a bib for Daniel's dinner. I was amused to hear Clinton laughing when I told him this and he admitted he wasn't going to use a bib on a F&S campout--silly me! I'm grateful Clinton volunteered to help with the laundry as well.

I don't know much about the campout details--I guess that's how it's supposed to be?!? However, I was able to learn that Daniel slept well through the night and awoke early (6:00 am) with the light of day. He enjoyed climbing all over sleeping Daddy in our two-person tent. Needless to say, Daniel fell asleep in the car ride home and continued sleeping upon returning home for at least an hour...Clinton joined him in slumber land; although, he made sure this was in the comfort of his own bed without a little munchkin learning to mountain climb on him. Clinton can fill in more details, if that's not breaking a male-bonding pact. :)

Yeah for Fathers and Sons and Campouts! Maybe next year, Clinton will have two sons to accompany him on the campout! Won't that be fun (for me especially)!

Meanwhile, Candace and I had a GREAT girls night out! We can recommend Freddy's Frozen Custard, which recently opened up in Pflugerville (on 1825).


  1. What a little man! This brought back memories of Dan taking the boys. fun for them, fun for us girls left behind! Glad you and Candace had fun!

  2. That cake looks amazing! I wouldn't ever want to eat just looks too pretty!

  3. So I'm still figuring out how this comment thing works and my last comment was for the previous post just fyi. But I would like to see two little boys crawling all over Clint at six in the morning. I would video tape it and post it on facebook. :)