Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daniel LOVES Balls--Thanks JJ

I was doing something in the back of the house on Saturday and heard Daniel giggling and screaming in the front room with Clinton. I went in to enjoy this scene! It was delightful.

JJ, Lewis, Aiden, Brooks, Cate--thank you for the wonderful balls! As you can tell, we're REALLY enjoying them. :)

Not only is this a fun experience with Daniel, but it's also Clinton's premiere using iMovie! Great job honey.


  1. I was just catching up on everything on your blog. Daniel is the cutest. Walking around he looks like a little boy now and not a baby. Time flies.

    Best wishes for your family and the new edition that is on her way. Have you guys thought of any names? My friend asked for suggestions for her baby's name and then posted the suggestions on a poll on her blog. It was lots of fun. And in the end she ended up actually using one of the names. I think it was the one that came in second. Fun times.

  2. I tried to post a comment earlier, but I guess it didn't work. Anyway, I am so glad he likes the balls!! I'm glad he doesn't mind that they are a pretty sad first attempt.

  3. I am impressed with the video skills, I don't know how to pause and start in a new part! (probably has something to do with a NICE camera!) How fun to watch Daniel play ball-I loved that he liked JJ's toy ball better than the store bought so he could bite it grab it and play around with it.