Friday, May 22, 2009

About a Daniel

Daniel is moving about, growing and developing every day. Especially for those of you who live far away, I thought you'd enjoy this glimpse of our one-year-old boy! He's such a joy.

Oh, and now I know that you can't rotate video--sorry about the side angle perspective!


  1. It's fun to see him maneuver around things.
    I love your grapes, I hope the bugs don't get them b/f you do! I love all of the blogs. If you post this regularly I will go to your site more often!!
    I planted our little garden this week. It was supposed to rain so I didn't water, it has yet to rain, but it will today b/c I have a RS activity at our house! :) ya gotta luv it

  2. yayyy Daniel! Wow it is hard to believe a year ago they were our little snuggle bunnies! Give Daniel a hug from us!

  3. I am commenting again. Lucky gpa Jones is there enjoying him for a few days. It is killing me! :(