Friday, May 22, 2009


Daniel has learned the sign "please," and is getting quite good at using it, especially when prompted. However, he just came up to me and reached to sit on my lap. I diverted him with a toy, so he walked around my chair, hurdled a few piles and reams of paper to come to the other side of our computer desk. He then signed "please" and pointed up to the top shelf of the desk. He didn't want the mouse, the camera or the rubix cube, but instead reached for the New Orleans shot glass! (We use it for coins; however, this one happened to be empty.) He's now toting it around the room!
I guess I'm a sucker for manners! :)

...well, that was stupid! Sorry Clinton, you're now one shot glass short--oops! Daniel made it to the kitchen floor, and now I have another reason to sweep and vacuum! Off I go to it.

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