Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been wanting to compare pictures of Daniel and Riley...let me know what you think of the family resemblance. The pictures aren't a perfect comparison, but hey, it's been 18 months and you forget what pictures you took :) Here's my best attempt at matching.

Baby Bassinet at the hospital (first two are Riley and last one is Daniel):

Sleeping (Riley then Daniel):

In the bouncy chair (Riley then Daniel):


  1. so cute. You can tell they are brother and sister. Wow, you can pick Daniel out. That can only mean we will be able to pick Riley out when she is a bit older as well. Such fun pics and comparisons.

  2. Wow, they look very similar, but also kind of different. Maybe because I know what the older Daniel looks like. But, both are so darling...

  3. It is neat to see the pictures side by side as a comparison. They look so similar. I can tell they are related. You have beautiful children. Wish we could come and play with you!!!

  4. WOW i think they look alot alike! in the sleeping pose its hard to tell them apart!