Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doing well

"Daniel, what do polar bears say?"
Daniel's response:

We're doing well as we all adjust to life with two kids! Of course we are amazingly blessed to have Grandma Wouden here--an extra set of hands really helps us out (especially me during the day :). Daniel is adapting well and takes time to give baby Riley attention. At Riley's doctor's appointment yesterday he kept rocking the car seat and taking her toys. He didn't realize until we walked back into the waiting room, where he had been playing with Grandma, with Riley in our arms that she wasn't in the seat (the car seat cover had been on).
This morning, I found him leaning over the swing smiling at Riley. The picture is grainy because I took it with my iPhone--I didn't want to miss the moment.
He helped me put her socks in the wash today after her projectile poo shot all across the room--that was a fun mess to clean up!!! Serves me right--that never happened to me with Daniel. I guess I can't get off that easy with two kids.
He is a loving boy and very sensitive to the needs of others.

After Riley's doctor's appointment, we took a trip to Terra Burger's outdoor playground (across the street from our pediatrician) and had lunch. Daniel enjoyed the slides and swings, and grandma's milkshake. We had a grand adventure with all of us outdoors. This is a great time to live in Austin, TX.


  1. Congrats! She looks adorable, and Daniel seems like such a sweet big brother. Can't wait to meet her!

  2. I love seeing Daniel taking care of his little sister. What a great big brother!!! Mom, you look great! It is great to have her there with you. We love you all!

  3. Daniel is such a cute little man! I have to say that you may not have had projectile poo with Daniel but I recall Clinton screaming for help when it happened to him one time--always fun moments! I love the small black dot on the bottom of Daniel's Halloween shirt. Just the touch. It must be the artists signature, ha ha.

  4. What a sweet thing to see. it looks like they will be good friends. Riley is a lucky girl to have such a sweet older brother.

  5. Aww she is so precious and beautiful! How fun to have a girl! That is good to see that Daniel is sweet to her. That is wonderful.

    Thanks for keeping your blog updated. I love to read it.

  6. How sweet is that. Daniel seems like he's being a helper. She is adorable! I'm glad you guys are doing well!