Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Needed: friut and vegetables for canning

Since coming to Austin, I've wanted to find a good place(s) to buy fruits and vegetables for canning and home storage. I've been disappointed in the Farmers' Markets in that they are filled with "organic" foods with hiked up prices. I'm looking for fine-quality foods that I can put in a bottle for eating during winter months or less prosperous times.
I've tried pick your own places, but the prices were more expensive than the grocery store. Doesn't anybody preserve food anymore?
Please help...any and all suggestions are welcome.
Where can I find this in the Central TX area?


  1. I looked on the computer when I wanted to check out fresh fruits and vegetables by putting it into google. Good luck. I know peaches are in the fall and come out of Fredricksburg. Good good luck.

  2. Hi Chaliese!
    I haven't forgotten you guys! I'm sorry to say my violin & guitar are both gathering dust. And I'm even sorrier to say I haven't come to visit you & Riley! Ah well To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose!
    Riley's so beautiful! I hope things are going well & you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Amie Paige told me about "Sun Harvest" off of W. Anderson Ln so I have gone there the last few months for some awesome deals on some beautiful produce (they also have bulk bins of dry goods. Its a small little store and the place is always busy. You can check out their ad every week online- ( )to see whats on sale plus they have double ad days every Wednesday (meaning the sale from the previous week & the new week apply that day) But last Friday I went to the grand opening of "Sprouts" (close to Costco- in the bed, bath & beyond & Micheals shopping center.) I got beautiful huge oranges for .19 cents a lb! They also have double ad days on Wednesday plus a e-mailing list w/ coupons ( So I'll wait to see if their deals pan out to be competitive with Sun Harvest (I'm crossing my fingers b/c its even closer and right next to Costco!) Call or email anytime if you're ever free that is ; )!