Thursday, November 12, 2009

Move over Navels

Clinton and Daniel picked our crop of homegrown oranges yesterday evening. Two whole oranges survived hot drought, bugs, dogs, curious children, and careless Clints mowing the lawn. We were so excited that these grew in our back yard and had fun eating them right away. Daniel even bit into the peel--nothing like trying every aspect. This was the first yield from our tree, which was planted just after we were married. Even though they were a little dry, we are hopeful for future production!

And for the record, we have a bag of California Navel oranges in our refrigerator, so we're not quite self-sufficient.


  1. Yum, I love home grown anything but especially mandarins.
    Toni gets a couple of bushels of oranges from her tree each year.
    soo very delicious!

  2. Sounds wonderful!!! It seems odd that you can grow them yourself. In every place I have ever lived, oranges wouldn't grow.