Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had a blast at our ward Trunk or Treat on Friday night (Oct 23). Of course this means that baby Riley has not come yet, but you've got to enjoy the waiting time, right!!!
Here are some pictures that show our masterpieces. Many thanks to Grandma Dee who inspired the penguin theme with Daniel's costume, and Grandma Cheryl for helping create the Antarctic scape, adult costumes and manning the car ( we passed out flavor ices--in keeping with the theme, of course) so I could go trunk or treating with Daniel. (Mom and I enjoyed hours cutting, gluing, sewing, know, creating. And, we did it mostly with things we already had around the house--ok, and a trip to Hobby Lobby and Salvation Army.)
It was so fun to see all of the ward members dress up and play in the spirit of Halloween. Daniel never said "trick or treat," but he would sign "please" before he got the candy, put the candy in his bucket and then sign "thank you." I was so proud of his good manners. :)
And, of course he enjoyed the chocolate (another sign he knows well.)

By the way, Clinton scored a goal at his soccer game today--he played excellently. This makes two goals for the season thus far. They were down players so the team ended up running the entire game. Every time he would run, people on the sidelines would comment on his long legs and stride and how quickly he would move. It's definitely one of his strengths. I'm glad he's enjoying the league; we're enjoying watching him play.

When we got home, Daniel, Grandma Wouden and I went for a brisk walk--I'm doing all I can to help baby Riley make her appearance. :)


  1. ahhh, what a cute cute idea!
    I LOVE the trunk! the little penguins are darling--what a cute touch.
    Gma Cheryl wins on the costume department, along with Chaliese. Glad I wasn't there b/c I couldn't have thought up such a fun and easy design.
    I love this post
    Good job Clint on scoring! Glad you are enjoying the league.

  2. What fun fun halloween costumes!! Love them! I love trunk or treat idea too... creativity to the max! : ) Can't wait to see what you guys think of next!

  3. You guys all looked great on Friday...very creative! And we all appreciated the popsicles in our warm Texas weather. Good luck and hopefully this will be your LAST week of pregnancy with baby Riley!

  4. Go Penguins!!! I love your costumes - what a cute family idea! Mom, you seem to the pro trunk decorator - 2 years in a row!!!
    We love you and are waiting anxiously for baby Riley!

  5. Your costumes and decor were SO great! I love how you all matched and you used so much from home. I'm glad you were able to find some fun things to do while waiting "patiently" for baby Riley! :)

  6. I loved your penguin costumes! Soo cute! and your trunk was so fun!

  7. I loved your family costumes. You guys are so funny. Good luck with the new little one on the way. I am waiting to hear from you guys.

  8. Wow, nice job guys, you look great! Hang in there Chaliese, can't wait for baby to get here!!