Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still waitingswqaz1`

I had my 39 week appointment, and we're still waiting. Riley is still weighing approximately 8 lbs. 7 oz. from the sonogram measurements and I'm still dilated to a 2.5 and 70% effaced. Dr. said we'd wait to see if labor would trigger itself naturally because she wasn't over 9 lbs. and we'd see if we make it to next Monday. If we make it to Monday, we'll schedule to be induced.
All signs are pointing to an easier labor than with Daniel. Encouraging...however, is there really such thing as an easy labor?!? I feel more prepared for this labor, but am also nervous. I'm hoping to go au natural for the whole thing, so am hoping it will be shorter than my first :)
I guess only time will tell. Here's to more waiting, and enjoying Halloween preparations and festivities in the meantime!

P.S. If you couldn't tell, Daniel helped with the title typing!


  1. You make them big and healthy!!!!! Easton was 7# 8oz. and that felt like PLENTY to push out. Good luck with another 9+ pounder. I'm anxiously awaiting news she's come...

  2. Hang in there! We're excited for you guys!

  3. The waiting is so hard!~ I have been on pins and needles wondering how you are doing. I wish you the best. I hope you have an "easy" labor!!