Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Made it through the night...

I was hoping (expecting) to head to the hospital last night, especially given the semi-consistent slew of contractions throughout the day yesterday, but alas, no. I slept soundly and like a baby (only getting up to go to the bathroom once at 6AM--a record). So, we're still waiting...

However, here are some fun updates from the past little while and pictures I hope you enjoy.

Daniel found Daddy's shoes and put them on. Now, he just needs to perfect walking in them.

Daniel loves riding the horsey at the outlet malls. It's his treat for being so good at the stores.

Daniel is climbing all over the place. He's getting quite good, although, still needs some help some times.

Ethiopian dinner with Nam & Cass--it was a great girls night out before baby comes (if she ever gets here.) Thanks for being such great friends.


  1. Yay!! I can't believe you are so dialated. It took me 10 hours of petocin to get to a 3!!!

    You do soooo awesome! We will be cheering for you from SA.

  2. This brought back memories of eating Ethiopian food with you in Greenwich Village back when you lived in NYC. Yum! You definitely deserve a treat. :)