Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ah, due dates

So, on our cute babynamey blog countdown, I just noticed that our baby is "one day old." Then why do I still have a large protrusion out of the front of me with swollen hands and feet?
Life and expectations are not meant to go together, or that is one of the things we need to learn to overcome.
I have learned not to expect one thing--technology is NOT always correct. Thanks, but no thanks babynamey, our baby is still in negative numbers.


  1. Nothing makes a day seem like and eternity as much as being at the end of your pregnancy! The pictures of Daniel are adorable, I love the hoodie with ears!

  2. They should really have overdue ones that say, "Well, I waaaaas due a few days ago, but..." Going overdue is really the pits, so we wish you well these last (hopefully) few days. Hang in there!!

  3. she is here now!!
    congratulations, cant wait for pictures.
    love the photos of Daniel and the shoes! AND of the hoodie with ear snaps! what a doll he is!!!

  4. I think Riley's birthday was supposed to be the same day as Kyle and I's first house anniversary, but that's just me! Can't wait to see her!