Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking on the TX COLD!?!

I know we have nothing to Washington, DC right now, or the entire northeast, or WY, or MI, or..., but hey, we're TX and used to living through 100+ degree summers and 50 degree winters. With that said, I braved the snow--yes, a snowy sleet was actually falling from the sky in Austin, TX--to go to playgroup at the Austin Arboreteum today, just next to Barnes & Nobles--they have a great cow statue garden. Daniel had a great time playing with Tori and Lizzy Cluff and Riley, although the youngest (but not by much thanks to Ishaan Agarwaal :) stayed bundled up in her stroller (Thanks Danielle for the warm suit--just in time!). She peeked out whenever she could.
Just thought I'd share the experience with you so you knew I was raising my kiddos right--able to enjoy colder weather. Here's to growing up/living in Missouri, Michigan, South Dakota, Indiana, Utah, Romania/Moldova and New York. Just look at Daniel's smile--we had a great time.

After nap time, I think we'll enjoy some hot chocolate.


  1. It looks like a great day in some cold weather. If you feel like some more cold days, we are available...come on up!!! I love hot chocolate after a cold day outside.

  2. I'm in for the hot chocolate! :)
    Riley's eyes look so blue in that picture!

  3. It's amazing to me that people take their kids out in the bitter cold (here in Russia) and I think, I am glad I don't have to put on all of those layers and get kids ready to go out the door so...hats off to all moms and dads who take the time to help their kids enjoy the snow! I think I would want to be home bound with kids in cold weather...lost gloves, hats, etc! Your kids looked like they LOVED it!