Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Grandparents

We were thrilled to have so much family here for Riley's baby blessing in December, including, but not limited to Great Grandpa Kern and Grandma Great Afton who came down from Napa, CA. It was so much fun to see them hold and smile at little Riley. My camera was being frustrating (meaning, I couldn't figure out how to make it focus better while taking manual picutres--any tips???), but I did manage to get these two pictures of the three.

And at Christmas time, we got to visit Great Grandpa Simmons in San Antonio. He is so gentle and loving with our kids. It's great to see them together and we enjoy visiting him when we get the chance.

Now, we just need to get up to Moses Lake so the extended Jones family can meet the kiddos! We're hoping to go up there to celebrate Great Grandparents Jones' 50th wedding anniversary.

We are grateful for extended family and their influence in our lives.


  1. Tell me when you come to Washington and maybe I can meet up with you! (Emily)

  2. Of course I LOVE the pictures!
    I am glad these turned out.
    It's so fun when children start to figure out the world.