Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of these things is just like the other


Playing at great grandpa Simmon's house, Daniel and cousin Cate both discovered the stairs and had fun going up and down. Coincidentally, they were both dressed in their brown hoodie suits. What fun it is to have cousins close in age.

On a side note, Daniel is figuring out the world, and it is fun to watch him discover and put things together. We were playing outside yesterday and I positioned myself so a tree was between us and I couldn't see him in my line of sight. Wanting to copy Mommy, he ran behind the closest tree and poked his head out of one side with the biggest grin and an enthusiastic "Boo!"
Of course, we played that game for the next hour.

This morning, while I was typing, he was drinking his apple juice while playing on the floor with some toys. He had found his fishing net and put his cup inside the net. Then, he discovered that the net was mesh and water came through it, so he was drinking his cup through the mesh! What a smartie!

He's helped me cook lately and loves to stir. He'll get my kitchen stirring spoons and stir whatever--toys, beads, puzzle pieces. What a wonderful world to figure out!


  1. great blogging lately! I love all your picures and what a cute outfit for Riley!! cousins are the best.

  2. I can just imagine him with his big grin bundled up and "peeking" around the tree :) I hope my kids are as cute as yours!!!

  3. What cute kids. I am glad you are posting more!