Wednesday, February 3, 2010


While lying on the bed with Riley and Daniel, I wiped Riley's nose. Daniel then looked at her nose, pointed so his finger was picking Riley's nose and said "Boogers" with a surprised expression. He then started picking her nose trying to get out the boogers.
When ever I told him not to do that and pushed his hand away from her nose, he started laughing--oh, another made up game.
Then, he starts pointing to all the places he can think of that he's not supposed to touch. Sitting on Riley's stomach means he pointed to her stomach. I tapped his hand away and he laughed harder. Touching the keys, phone, breast pump, computer mouse, etc. His laugh was so full and loud, I thought he would burst; or Riley did from her expression. It was a fun game for a rainy afternoon. And all because he tried to pick his sister's nose. What a thoughtful brother.

When that ended, he knelt over Riley and shook her hand, saying "hi Riley."
I wonder what that will turn into!?!


  1. That is adorable. Isn't it funny that all the things you don't want them to do become the focus of their attention. Then you think: Why did I have to make it so fun! I love it!!!

  2. That reminds me of the stories of you and Rebeccer - the ones you used to tell me about the funny things you did to one another... heehee!

  3. What a boy! You are in for trouble...he will make you want to laugh when you will want to reprimand him. Good luck! He's too tricky for me!