Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Daniel loves...

Talking on the phone

Playing outside (even in this record-breaking summer with the TX heat) ESPECIALLY playing with the dogs

Lounging on "his" pillows

Riding on toys, and he's really getting into climbing

Learning at the computer--MAC, of course. Clinton is teaching him well, no!?!

High Fives and "Bones"
Exploring in the bathroom--he even sat on the toilet last week. Oh, and he tells us when he has "poopers in his diaper" by squatting and pointing to his crotch. :)
Gathering shoes and bringing them to Mommy and Daddy to put on right then!
Eating oreos--he splits them open and eats out all of the cream filling
...and of course, snuggling with Daddy at the end of the day

Oh, and Mommy loves her new haircut--


  1. Chaliese! Hey it's Rachel Dale (now Heidenreich) from BYU, the MTC etc. I've searched for you and Rebecca on the internet a hundred times over the years. Neither of you appears to be on facebook :) So I googled "Chaliese Wouden blog" and found a link to JJ and Lewis' blog and was able to find you :) Do you remember me? We took an absolutely fabulous picture together in the MTC. We met JJ and Lewis out here in Connecticut (my husband is in his last year of dental school). I think your hubby even came out to stay with them when he was single (think that was back when Brooks was born). So good to find you online!! And you're in TEXAS . . . where all truly awesome people end up :)

  2. he is so adorable! I can't believe all the things he is into. What a cutie. Your hair is really really cute and that's so cool that you know Rachel. My favorite is the phone picture. Cate is into the phone now too, unless someone is really on the other end.

  3. You look like your always having fun!!

  4. Cute haircut! Daniel looks so fun. I can't wait to see how much he has changed at Christmas. I think it is so funny when I look at Daniel's pictures and the I look at Cate's on Lewis and JJ's blog. It is hard to believe they are so close in age. Anyway, thanks for posting - I always enjoy seeing what's up in Austin!

  5. Daniel looks like he grew into a toddler in the one week since we were there . What a cutie-love the photo of him stretched out on the pillows like he is a teenager watching tv.
    Yea, you got your hair cut...cute.

  6. Oh babe your haircut is So so very cute!

  7. Cute cut, cute kid, cute couple!