Saturday, August 15, 2009

Haircuts all around

Daniel woke up this morning and immediately signed "outside," his new word for the week. Out he went to play with the dogs. He was covered in mud when he was finally done and into the bath he went. Of course with his wet hair, we couldn't resist being ultra productive and giving him a long-needed haircut. Hope you enjoy the results of our team effort!

I must say, we got better as we went along at distracting him and enticing him to be still. Let's hear it for C&C!


  1. I was thinking he looked extra handsome at church today! He's so adorable!

  2. Any tips for teaching babies to sign? Daniel seems like he's getting very proficient! I sign "beautiful boy" all the time to Easton, but that might be a little narcissistic to be the first signs he learns. Hee hee hee.

  3. Daniel's signing is truly amazing! I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. He can tell you what he wants which is so nice b/c he isn't speaking yet. Jabbering and a few words but with signing you know what he wants. I wish I had thought to teach my children sign language. It is less stressful for both baby and parent to "know" what the baby wants! Good job Chaliese! (C&C too). I am trying to teach him yes since everything is no, just said a bit differently for when he actually is saying yes.
    He has been such a trooper with ALL of my shopping-Chaliese too, 7 mo's prego and running me all over!!! THANKS~

  4. Chaliese!!! i just found your blog today and am SO excited to be able to see how big Daniel is getting! You look great. I can't wait to be back in touch! Miss you tons! Love and prayers, Posner Shemai (Melissa)