Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've been organizing and sewing, trying to get ready for Baby Girl. It's a great feeling when I get to check things off the list.
Thanks for all of the tips and tricks; here are some of my favorite:
  • I love using Diaper boxes because you always know which are the kids clothes
  • The age range separation (based on when they wore the outfit) is great--I used a sharpie to adjust the tag size to help me remember.
  • Separating boys and girls clothes will save work later :)
  • Not keeping everything--keep the outfits that were most meaningful or favorites and still in good condition. We definitely wore out most of our onesies :) But saved many shirts and shorts that way. It's much easier to change the bottom layer.

I've also organized our kids toys. I got containers from the container store (on sale) and have made cloth toy drawstring bags that keep little pieces together. Each container has a theme: Newborn, Agility and Fine Motor Skills, Little People, Balls and Cars, Trains and Blocks, Puzzles, Bath Toys, Musical and Electronic. I put the bag with the toy/toy pieces in each labeled container and they are stored under the cribs. We pull out a container, which Daniel also enjoys climbing on, and play with his pick of those toys. When finished, we clean-up those toys before getting out some more. It seems to be a great system so far.

I welcome any more kids organization tips and tricks.


  1. www.parentshacks.com

    LOVE that site - not only clever tips and tricks, also lovely organization ideas!

    Go you!

  2. Nice family picture! I LOVE organizing things. Although I am not looking forward to going through all 3 kids clothes tomorrow and doing the whole transfer summer to winter, but also weed through and transfer all the too small items. Maybe I will procrastinate a couple more days...

    I definitely feel like pregnancy helps the motivation for organizing! VERY EXCITING!!!