Thursday, August 13, 2009

Advantages of Friends

Daniel has a friend, Caleb, over today. It is really cute to see them running around the house together. One will walk by me holding a toy and the other one following after. Then, after exploring around the corner, they will re-emerge with the second holding two toys, including the one the first was holding, and the other is toddling.
Caleb just got the pudding boxes out of our pantry, and Daniel came in behind him to sign "cookie, please." I went and got them both milk and cookies--no playdate is complete with out them, right! Anyway, Caleb chomps into his oreo immediately, while Daniel opens the oreo and begins to eat the cream filling. After a few moments, they both come to me again and Caleb is holding his cookie and Daniel's is no where to be found. I ask Daniel where his cookie is, imagining that it will be ground into the carpet somewhere. However, I notice, that Caleb is now eating a perfectly cream-less oreo half! Daniel had given him his other half once he finished the cream. Caleb, of course, was a very happy recipient, and I had no cookie crumbs to clean up!
What a great outcome for all of us!

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