Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zoe joins C&C Jones' famiy

Please help us welcome our new arrival--Zoe, who joined our family on Saturday, July 11, 2009. We celebrated with a trip down to San Antonio to visit Grandpa Simmons and Aunts Vada and Nan. We had a great time and all enjoyed swimming--all except Pfluger, that is.

Zoe is a 10 month old purebred Labrador Retriever and lives up to her name. She loves to play ball, and focus on little else if there is a tennis ball in her vicinity. She even plays with Daniel, and is very patient with his short throws, although his throws are slowly increasing in distance. She is a beautiful dog, especially when her coat shimmers in the sun.

She weighed in 69.5 lbs., mostly due to her muscle tone, which is more than Pfluger who weighs 65.5 lbs. They are getting along great, both indoors and outside.
When we first brought both dogs inside, Daniel looked at them each and put his hand out like we do and said, "No, stay!" It was the cutest!

Many thanks to Candace for finding her! She's a fun addition to the family.

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  1. False alarm--I freaked out a little when I saw just the first line of your post in Google Reader because I thought your baby girl had come a few months early! I felt much better after reading the full post and knowing it's a new dog instead. :)