Thursday, July 2, 2009

Branson, MO

We had a great family reunion in Branson, MO--definitely the heart of the country! We stayed on a lake house on Table Rock Lake, which is where I first learned to waterski when I was 9 years old! It was fun to be back in the Ozarks, so many green hills and forests. It really is beautiful country, and I didn't even mind the humidity!
Daniel LOVED playing with his cousins and being outside so much. It took a few tries for him to get used to lake water instead of pool water. But by the middle of the trip, he would want to walk right off the dock into the water.
Clinton loved the water too, especially since he got up on one waterski and had two nice tours around the lake. WHAT A MILESTONE! ...that is, until he broke Dad's boat! Way to go out with a BANG, honey! Ok, it wasn't really Clint's fault! While we were turning on his second lake tour, the propeller hit a submerged rock or tree or something.
We spent the rest of the time in Silver Dollar City and downtown Branson. Daniel had a GREAT time playing in the sprinklers the park put out a various places. He also enjoyed playing in the sand and went on his first water roller coaster (American Plunge) and ride (the butterflies--he got to press the button and the butterfly went up as the ride went around in a circle). We saw several shows at the amusement park as well as several in Branson, including, "The Duttons," "The Twelve Irish Tenors," "Broadway Spectacular" and Dolly Parton's "Dixie Stampede"--that one came with dinner and lighted-up dresses.
It was pretty amazing that we had four generations present since my grandfather and his brothers and many of their descendants from each line were able to come. I don't know how often that experience will be repeated!
Our fish fry went well--many thanks to Bart who sought out the catfish supplier, and Doug who slaved over hot oil cooking the fish. It was great to be with family and have a chance to relax.
I'll post our pictures on our SmugMug site, including all the ones with extended family. Here are the picutres from the second part of the reunion. You can download, save, send to print, etc. for any pictures you want. They will be high resolution, so enjoy! We'll get the other pictures off of Clinton's computer and upload those next. We'd love to hear what you think, so let us know. Link: here. We think it's a great way to share your pictures--let us know your feedback.


  1. I didn't know you were from Branson! It's great you got to go spend time with your family (and Daniel with his cousins). It's hard to live far from family, but those visits provide wonderful memories that really help a lot when you are not with them. On a personal note - Having such sweet, caring people such as yourself in your ward family really helps a lot too! I appreciate your example of service and charity. :)
    BTW - I went to school for awhile in junior high with Amy Dutton. I actually was in her orchestra class. I played (around mostly) the violin until I realized it was way too competitive, then tried the cello. That didn't last long either. Even at 12, Amy was already very talented and a seasoned performer. Not to mention a really nice girl.

  2. Yea, new pics and posts! I loved it.
    Clinton-put your tongue in your mouth, ha ha
    Can't wait to see you guys in a month or so!