Monday, July 6, 2009


It always starts with a please...

Here's a picture of Daniel signing "Please"-- he's gotten very good at using it in context; however, the 4th of July please started with Candace! :) "Please, let's go get some Fireworks!

...well, it worked. We made a last-minute dash to the Fireworks stand by our house, and felt good about supporting Round Rock High School's Theatre Department! Nothing like fire and sparks to show your support for the arts.

We all got to pick our favorites--Daniel really liked the Smoke Bombs! We even got a 12 shot Artillery. (Of course, we only used 3, so we're ready for more if anybody's game :)

I can't remember the names of any others, but I know that Candace loved the Flowers! I had a great time!

We got home and went to the park by our house with the Harwards and Kunzs. We all, including Pfluger, watched the Fireworks, then walked home to enjoy our spoils until way too early in the morning. (It was not pretty getting up for 8:30 am church then next day!) But, we had a good time. Daniel only got scared when the loud sounds were right in front of us on the street. Otherwise, he and Pfluger both enjoyed the show.

And, as a special treat, we get to close the holiday weekend with a homemade apple pie!

Wish you were here to join us.

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Boy do we wish we were there to celebrate the 4th with y'all. we were reminiscing about last 4th watchin' the Wells Branch fireworks show. Oooh and the pie looks scrumptious. We do know you're an excellent cook! :) You guys looks great!! It's soo fun seeing what you're up to.

  2. YAY - we love the fourth of July! Fun pics!