Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone Groupies!

Our new iPhones (iPhone 4) just arrived today (a day before their release!) We're working to activate them now. I don't think I've ever been a groupie before, it's rather fun.


  1. Yesterday I was at the U-Village in Seattle and as I pulled up there were thousands of people in line around the outside mall. I had no idea it was coming out that's how sad I am when it comes to tech stuff! I may be in town when you are here but I might not. We haven't made definite plans for 4th of July yet. But would LOVE TO SEE YOU if I am here at the same time you are! Restaurants-too many to name! You have to go to Trophy cupcakes and Party! Great place for dessert!

  2. You also have to go see the TROLL under the bridge in Fremont! There is a great Thai place on the corner there too. I forget the name of it though. You also must stop at the very greasy only cash DICK'S restaurant. Haven't been to Seattle if you haven't been to Dicks. Shoot me an email with your number in it and lets try to meet up. Next week is a crazy week for me but I will try my best to see you!

  3. That is why Dan asked if I was interested in your old I-Phone...hmmm,
    however, is there an ouch now there are problems (according to the news)? so I will be interested to hear how it works.