Monday, June 21, 2010

Fruits of our labors

It's a good feeling to be fruitful, especially if that is yummy fruit you can eat! Sun-ripened fruit is so much better than even the best grocery store. Wow, did you realize peaches are juicy; I mean drip down your chin and stain your shirt juicy!
Here's some bragging pictures from our back yard:


  1. Yummy! Make some sarmale from all those grape leaves for me, will ya? :)

  2. Bine inteles! Se poate ca putem face impreuna in WA saptamana vitoara???! Vrei?

  3. WOW! look at you go! Hope you've been enjoying many peach stained shirts! : )

  4. Yeah, I think we ruined one of my favorite new ones. At least we bought it on sale :)

  5. I cant wait to get *our house* (oh that sounds so wonderful!) ... we tried to get a garden going last year & this year... OF course a apartment patio is not the place to do it, so they all died. ..

    Maybe next year our garden will flourish!

    (ps, i hope you got my text, it was good seeing you!! & i updated my blog... just for you;) )