Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy 4th of July

And we made it to the 4th of July. I even got to sleep in--a huge thank you to M & C!

We enjoyed the morning as a family, which did include mowing the lawn :) Not very patriotic, but I'm grateful for a husband who will work on his holiday to make sure the kids will have a place to play outside!
After lunch and Mario Kart Kars--see, he did get some fun time as well, we went to "Aunt Candace's pool" for a J-dog party (Thanks Aunt Nan for sending the sauce and making this possible!) and swimming. Wow, the kids are really progressing in the water. We contributed a fruit pizza (featured below) and had a great time.
We closed the day visiting B&K at their law offices downtown--wow, what a spectacular view of the river. And who can refuse Pappas catering--they are definitely a top hit in my book. Too bad there were no fireworks, but we enjoyed the day immensely. It was filled with some productivity, family interaction, good friends, great food and fun activities. I even managed to snap a few pictures during the day.

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