Friday, January 29, 2010

Beans beans, the magical fruit

I never gave much credence to beans. I have them in my food storage, but only recently (when Mom came for Riley's birth) did I learn how to cook with them. Our preparedness coordinator at church said she saved $60 a month (I think that was the correct amount) by cooking her own beans from dried beans, not from a can. Wow! We could use that.
So, thanks to Mom, I learned to cook beans. I must say, they are not only for hard times. You can do a lot with beans, and then we also get to eat homemade cornbread and honey butter as well!

With Daniel's birth, I learned to grind wheat and make homemade bread.
With Riley's birth, I learned to cook beans.
What's next???
At this rate, by the time we have our kids, we'll be ready for any emergency. :)


  1. With the title line I thought you were going to talk about beans the magical cleaning medicine or something like that ;) ha ha what you wrote was much more pleasant and entertaining...:)

  2. Great post!!! My emergency prep brainstorm of the year was about beans too!!! We had an enrichment about beans. Paula Heiner, teaching the class, taught us and showed us her supply, how to bottle beans, so they are ready to use at any moment. I was able to buy a 25 pound bag of black beans at the bishop's storehouse for about $10. I bottled them and we have enjoyed them in soups, dips, salads.... I don't have to think ahead over night, I only have to walk downstairs and get a bottle and open it. It is wonderful. Plus, beans and rice/wheat make a whole protein, so I don't have to worry about always using meat in menus. It has been very exciting...definately a magical fruit!!!