Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The big 13!

So we went to a new OBGYN for a first 8 week appointment. Dr. Christopher Seeker came highly recommended. Although we had to wait for too long for the appointment, we were pleased with the personal attention he gave us and the time he spent to make sure all of our questions were answered satisfactorily. Before he walked in the door, he had learned to say my name and my medical history. We were impressed and pleased.
After all the routine tests, we even got to see the baby through a sonogram. Upon starting, he immediately said, "Wow, you're a lot further along than you thought."

We were expecting baby #2 to make his/her appearance around December 5, 2009, but it turns out we'll be watching for him/her around October 27, 2009! So, we were really 13 weeks along!

What blessings...another baby in our family, a brother/sister for Daniel close in age and 5 weeks off the pregnancy! WAHOO!